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Equipping individuals

We are working with both colleges and churches that provide theological and ministry training to ensure that they understand the particular needs and challenges of ministry in Independent Churches.

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Many men and women wishing to embark on training for gospel ministry will gather financial support from their home church, friends, family and Christian Trusts to add to their own savings for training. However there is often a genuine shortfall, and this is where we as a Fellowship want to give assistance. 

Individuals from FIEC churches can apply for help towards the costs of formal gospel training courses they wish to embark upon. The process is straightforward and application forms can be downloaded on this page. Every case will be considered on its own merits and we will do the best we can to help.

The Hub Conference

January 2013 will see the start of The Hub Conference as a particular focus for practical advice and help on training for ministry. You can find out more about the conference here.

Courses & Colleges

In terms of colleges, below (in alphabetical order) are some that we recommend FIEC folk investigate:

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    Equipping churches

    Our ambition for FIEC Churches is that they become communities where every member is encouraged to grow as a follower of the Lord and use their life and gifts for His glory.

  • Partners in Training

    Starting in September 2012, a number of FIEC churches and individuals will be helped by the launch of Partners in Training. This scheme will provide financial help for employing and mentoring new gospel workers.

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    The Hub Conference

    There has never been a clear 'route' into ministry for men and women from FIEC Churches, let alone a means of fellowship, networking and identity for those wishing to be trained for Independent church ministry. Now there is: it’s called The Hub Conference.

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    PfS course

    Prepared for Service is a two year part-time programme of training which provides teaching, pastoral care and practical experience for individuals with the support of their local church.

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