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  • Bible Boot Camps

    Bible Boot Camps primary image

    The school holidays are here, the sun is shining (!) and many children and teens from our churches will be heading off to Christian summer camps. Trevor Archer tells the story of one of the organisations behind such camps.

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  • Valued and Thriving primary image

    Valued and Thriving

    Thrive, our annual conference for women in ministry, took place last week. But in some ways we’re reluctant to call it a conference. Elisabeth Smyth explains what makes Thrive so special.

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  • Little village, Big vision primary image

    Little village, Big vision

    Andrew Nicholson, our Operations Director, reports on an encouraging visit to one of the newer congregations planted by an FIEC church.

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  • The Latest Eight primary image

    The Latest Eight

    John Stevens introduces us to the churches that have recently joined our Fellowship.

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  • A City-Wide Vision primary image

    A City-Wide Vision

    Every year, 2020 Birmingham organises a conference to envision Christians about church planting and equip church planters. Andy Weatherley, pastor of Grace Church Dell Road and one of the Trustees of 2020 Birmingham, reports back from the recent 2014 conference and shares something of the vision and strategy of the network.

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  • Light on the Black Isle primary image

    Light on the Black Isle

    Three years ago Avoch Congregational Church had only six people attending Sunday meetings. Today that number is ten times as many. Andy Hunter tells their story.

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  • Facebook Round-Up (May 2014) primary image

    Facebook Round-Up (May 2014)

    We now know of 94 FIEC churches that have Facebook pages, and every few months we have a look to see what stories they’re sharing. Here are some highlights from the past few months.

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  • Encouraging New Growth primary image

    Encouraging New Growth

    There is a growing interest in “biblical counselling” here in the UK. New Growth Christian Counselling in Edinburgh are seeking to put that model of counselling into practice as they work in partnership with local churches. Andy Hunter tells their story.

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  • Our Friends in the North primary image

    Our Friends in the North

    Andy Hunter reports back from his recent visit to our most northerly church: Garthspool Evangelical Church in the Shetland Isles.

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  • Local Church Global Mission primary image

    Local Church Global Mission

    We are delighted to be supporting the first ‘Local Church Global Mission’ conference on 7th June, so Andy Paterson, our Mission Director, asked Michael Prest some questions about this exciting new initiative.

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Articles from our strands

    • Immigration

      This article outlines the legal issues churches face when dealing with immigrants as employees or asylum-seekers.

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    • Apprenticeship Schemes in Churches

      It has become more and more common in recent years for churches to offer apprenticeships to people wishing to serve the church for a period – usually one or two years. This article explains the law in relation to this, as well as some...

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    • Discounted Software for Charities

      The Charity Technology Trust has announced that through its ‘tt-exchange’ technology donation programme, religious organisations can now request donations of certain products at savings of 92% to 96% off the retail price. This article...

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    • Getting help from HMRC

      HMRC has established a team to help charities understand charitable tax reliefs and other aspects of the tax system. This article explains the services the team offers and how to contact them.

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    • Who is responsible for fire safety in your church building?

      If you are an elder or deacon, it is likely that you have personal legal responsibility together with the other elders and deacons for ensuring fire safety in your church building.

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    • Disclosure Checks

      We recommend that everyone working with children in our churches should have a Disclosure check. Find out how in this short article.

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    • Applying for Gift Aid online

      Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have published a guide on how to apply for Gift Aid online. This article explains what the guidance is and where to find it.

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    • Important Information about Gift Aid claims from CLAS

      FIEC Practical Services subscribes to helpful updates from the Churches’ Legislation Advisory Service or “CLAS”. Most of the time we digest the information they provide and use it to help us produce updates tailored specifically for...

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    • How does your church operate as a charity?

      Most Independent evangelical churches are established as charities or use charities to hold their assets, but often there is confusion as to how the charity functions or even how many charities there are in connection with the church. This...

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